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Charter Price List:

DV 20-100 Katana with Garmin Aera 660; 100 PS
159€ wet lease (tax included) per hour

Diamond DA40 TDI (155PS) IFR/ autopilot/ G1000
279€ wet lease (tax included) per hour

Diamond DA42 TDI IFR/ autopilot/ De-Ice system/ TAS/ Stormscope
549€ wet lease (tax included) per hour

TKS (DA42) per liter: 15€
GoPro Hero 5 per day: 15€
valid from 01.08.2018

Off-Block: leaving the parking position
On-Block: parking at the parking position
valid from 01.08.2018

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Phone:  +49 160 7741960

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